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Gerald D. McLellan


A gripping legal thriller can be ordered-- at all bookstores or on-line. 

 The Novel, "Old City Hall"
   The Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts finds himself embroiled in a messy, high stakes, politically charged,divorce case where he is pitted against Attorney Ted Eldridge, a lawyer whom he has alienated in the past and who now seeks to bring the Governor down. Genetic markers raise the question of paternity of Danny, the twelve year old child of the Governor and his wife Margaret, who herself is battling her own demons.
  As the case unfolds, the events that involve the Governor and his paramour, the Judge sitting on his case, and the Italian bookies in Boston's North End play themselves out in a dramatic, courtroom whirlwind of controversy and intrigue. The characterizations ring true and the flaws of the participants are demonstrated in graphic detail in this suspenseful narrative.
  Interwoven in the plot is the heartbreaking revelation of the terrible inadequacy of the Massachusetts divorce system as related in the author's action sequences played out in open court and behind closed doors in the elegant high rises of downtown Boston. The author, himself a former Massachusetts divorce court judge, expertly provides a courtroom showcase that is graphic, compelling and impressively accurate.
  What elevates the novel in addition, is the interesting descriptions of the City of Boston including the financial district, the State House and Beacon Hill where the action occurs.

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A Silent Cry


Gerald D. McLellan

 McLellan's third novel is another legal thriller. At center stage is a custody battle involving six lawyers, a hapless mother's problem with Munchhausen by Proxy, an international roué of a father whose background stems from the Sicilian Mafia and the warlords of Chicago and AttorneyTed Eldridge representing his clients who are not the biological parents of the child, Gregory. Intrigue, violence, sexual escapades and intense courtroom drama fill the pages of this exciting novel as the story unfolds leading to a startling conclusion.

 The book may be ordered at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com, Kindle, Borders.com, Books-A-Million.com and at selected booksellers in Massachusetts and Florida.

Another exciting novel by Gerald D. McLellan . This thriller is a contest between the Republic Of China and the United States of America over a  discovery by a Boston M.I.T. scientist  that is bound to change the world's shipping industry if not the world's entire industrial  complex. A kidnapping by Boston's Chinatown Tongs, a Suffolk County divorce and  murder enhance the excitement of McLellan's second novel.
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 McLellan's second novel,was released early in 2009 and has been universally acclaimed as a  stimulating adventure for the reader. The action takes place in Shanghai,Virginia Beach, Boston's Chinatown and in the exclusuve downtown offices of Boston's pre-emminent divorce lawyers.When Ben Leavitt makes a revolutionary discovery in his loft in South Boston, everything in his life changes: his wife leaves him and begins a messy divorce, his son is kidnapped and murder over Ben's discovery between two warring Boston Tongs becomes rampant. Former Massachusetts Appeals Court Judge,Ted Eldridge, once again finds himself in the middle of a difficult divorce case and even more, is sanctioned by the Masssachusetts Board of Bar Overseers and is indicted by the Suffolk County Grand Jury for perjury. All in all an exciting, memorable, international thriller filled with intrigue and suspense.
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When Israel and the United States decide that neither country can afford to destroy Iran's Niclear capability without starting a catastrophic war, they agree to outsource the job to two Colunbia Law students who work closely with the Mossad. Asher Levin, a well-trained, conscripted member of Israel's secret service befriends Ted Hurley, a fellow first year law student. Together they set out on an adventure which changes the political dynamic of the Middle East and all of Western Europe.

From the offices at King Saul Boulevard in Tel Aviv to the White House to Colonial Farms Road in Langley, Virginia to beyte rahbani in Tehran the drama plays out as Hamas, Hezbollah and other forces are pitted against the indomitable will of two young men engaged in a mission that carries them from Colunbia's Morningside Heights to Eglin Air Force Base, to Cape Town to Bujumbura and eventually to Natanz, Iran.

The riveting story includes murder, stealth, intrigue and an insight into the power structure of Iran and the workings of the inner circle of the governments of Israel and the United States. Ther result is a page turner that is enternaing, timely and informative. Available at Amazon.com Barnes and Noble, Kindle and other readers.



 Run The Cold Water



 This is a memoire of Gerald D. McLellan


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  The Bully is a legal thriller that depicts the story of the inner-workings of a Massachusetts Probate and Family Court, the conduct of the presiding judge who is a blustering, browbeating adulterer, describes the duties of the register of probate and other court officers and details the actions of some of the relationships of the lawyers who practice law there. 

From the heart of the City of Boston, the reader is taken to Taormina, Sicily, Rome, and  Mexico City as Ted Eldridge, once again assumes the burden of representing a tortured wife, Maria, who files for divorce from her scoundrel of a husband.  The Italian Men's Club on Salem Street, in Boston's North End, is a player in the drama for the protection of Maria and her four kids as the story line unfolds.

The dramatic trials that take place, the raucous motion sessions, and the arcane rules of evidence that must be followed by lawyers who have sworn to uphold them, highlight the dilemmas of those who practice family law while, at the same time, the personal lives of their clients play a tortured role in their attempts to meet their obligations.  

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The Author
The author is a former Associate Justice of the Probate and Family Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He has written several volumes concerning divorce practice in Massachusetts and one book published nationally on the same subject. He has practiced Family Law for over twenty-five years, a former member of the adjunct faculty of Western New England Law School and is a former fellow in the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Old City Hall was his first novel, A Permanent Bond his second, followed by A Silent Cry and his latest, Outsource.


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